Kickstarting design processes to enhance cross-department communication and create a shared vision for holistically connected home appliances supporting well being at home.


As connected home systems find more adaption and grow into a new opportunity to design for positive change within our own apartments, Electrolux is tackling the challenge of producing for a growing home ecosystem. They saw the opportunity to collaborate with Block Zero and use our expertise in design thinking methodology from the very start of a product lifecycle to achieve sustainable collaboration between their different departments.

Applied skills

Workshop facilitation
User Experience Design
Concept Narrative


4 months

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Enable the exploration of the complex relationships between families and their homes and applying insights about positive home experiences onto a holistic, encompassing ecosystem of appliances, striving to create sensitive, adaptable environments of living and enhancing moments of well being at home.


Tackling the challenge of cross-department communication straight from the beginning, Electrolux decided to kick off the process of integrating a design first mind set for the development process of the future generations of connected well being appliances with an intense workshop engagement, spanning a long enough time frame to engage a big group of stakeholders and apply different lenses onto the context in question.

Applying a broad toolkit of methods, Block Zero structured and facilitated the entire process, providing professional guidance and an external fresh perspective to the problems and questions Electrolux faces.


After the successful kick-off engagement, Electrolux decided to continue the collaboration with Block Zero in distilling core ideas of the workshop into tangible demonstrator narratives, and illustrating different user scenarios as a complex, interactive storyline that will be used as a communication tool for professionals throughout different departments to align R&D efforts

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