Introducing biometrics into finance by designing the UX from the very first moment of discovery.


Fingerprints produces a secure and high quality fingerprint sensor on contactless credit cards. The technology is mature and undergoing user testing for a full rollout with all major credit card providers. But while using your fingerprint when paying is pretty straight-forward, teaching the user how to do that is not, and getting the user to register her fingerprint on a device with no battery and no screen is a design challenge. We worked with Fingerprints to develop a smooth transition to this new technology.


Design Research
UX Design
Concept Development


5 weeks

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Card reader with Fingerprints biometric card


Finances as well as biometrics are sensitive areas that require a throught through experience. We set out to provide a well rounded and positive onboarding from the very first moment and establish a sense of trust and control for the user, as well as a positive connection to the issuing provider.


The diversity of in-store equipment and payment scenarios requires an extremely simple and intuitive interaction, from the very first use experience.

Cards are disposable, but financials are sensitive. Safety concerns and distrust need to be met with guidance and reassurance, in any situation and from the get go.

Process documents and UX research of our ideas Early prototypes of UX and discovery


From the beginning, we started with outlining the different stages in the adaption of both new technology in broader terms as well as the concrete journey of adapting a new bank card. These stages provided the lenses through which we defined the creative process.

We performed design research to ground our ideas and gain understanding of the enitre scenario. Interviews and field observations delivered the insights which informed our ideas and prototypes, and validated the final direction.

From early on, we built fast and simple prototypes of concept ideas, exploring a variety of different paradigms and implementation possibilities.

Expanding the
Service Experience

In addition to the premium unboxing, we designed and prototyped the flow and narrative of the digital companion - a mobile application add on to tie the card to the bank provider and enable an adaptive support layer and extra information whenever needed.

We storyboarded additional service scenarios and how supporting touchpoints can be integrated into one cohessive service, which turns the financial institute into a provider of trust and support.

Trying out the card and prototyping Phone app and UX mock up


Unloading the potentially stressful enrolling situation at the point of sales and moving the guidance factors towards the unboxing experience allows for a better connection to the receiver of a new card and gives the new technology more space to be understood.

We worked with Fingerprints and printing houses to get the packaging manufactured for the release of the new concept and its presentation during MWC 2019. The research and the resulting concept have informed and supported further conversations between Fingerprints and other global players in the field.

Finished packaging of Fingerprints biometric card

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