Designing a coherent and reliable experience enabling users to retain a connection to their home through Point and to trust their community to react as emergencies arise.


As a startup full of innovative ideas, Minut developed Point; a collaborative, non-invasive, all-in-one home alarm that warns users and involves their trusted ones as different emergencies arise. Created as an elegant reaction to heavy and highly invasive security systems, Point fits in the palm of your hand while retaining the professional characteristics of its counterparts. Point’s identity is tied into the comfort and reassurance it brings to users; by connecting them to their own home as well as their community, which can be warned and take action in case of emergency.

Minut sought Block Zero’s strategic, digital design and communication expertise in order to inject these core characteristics of Point into the redesign of their mobile application and into the creation of a highly successful Kickstarter campaign.


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4 Months


Kickstarter Campaign

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The comforting voice of the home.

One of the first key milestone of the project was to define the story of the product, one that every user could relate to in order to lay the groundwork for our design decisions later on in the process regarding tone, interactions, visuals and PR decisions. We saw in the uniqueness of Point an opportunity to explore what a home alarm could become in the mind of users, breaking the remanent image of the intrusive, cumbersome and heavy system.

Through workshops and behavioral user analysis, we understood what made Point the voice of the home: listening, translating the information and carrying it over to the user. We researched how Point’s users characterized their home, so as to coherently materialise its voice and define Point’s identity as the calm, comforting alarm helping users maintain an emotional connection with their home while they are away.

A personalized approach to home security

Previously, the application presented a timeline of events with little hierarchy, making it hard for the user to react to more concerning situations or to leverage and translate the data collected by Point into meaningful, actionable information.

Our take on the redesign of the application was to tangibilize this connection to the home users felt through the product and as such, offer them a very friendly, reliable and personal experience. At first glance, users are now greeted by an animation communicating in simple terms the state of their home.

We assigned priorities to situations that may occur (like fire, smoke, mold risk, low battery) and gave control back to the user by assigning events to cards that can be quickly swiped, acted upon or dismissed. We also bridged the gap between the raw data gathered by Point and its restitution inside the application, contextualising it and making it more meaningful and understandable to the user through legends and copy.

Using an iterative process in collaboration with the Minut team, we also introduced a tailored emergency chat into the application, enabling users to discuss and forward home alerts to their family and friends when they are unable to intervene themselves, from the same application. We also made the navigation of the application more efficient by restructuring the screens and adding a permanent menu. Now the user can clearly see the core functionalities available without searching.

We saw in the uniqueness of Point an opportunity to explore what a home alarm could become in the mind of users, breaking the remanent image of the intrusive, cumbersome and heavy system.

Spreading the story

Building upon the story and the application, Block Zero carefully planned a social media and kickstarter campaign, the former creating traction for the latter in order to introduce Point to the masses with its application and brand new features.

Together with Minut, we applied ourselves to define a social media strategy coherent with the core values of Point and the features of its application. Basing ourselves a our previous steps we established guidelines for the tone, copy and visuals of the campaign and created the content to be published frequently in the days leading up to the actual launch of the Kickstarter.

The strategy contained a teasing phase with a timeline and key milestones to reach, actively engaging the existing user base in order to create organic reach toward families and friends, then as a supporting channel to connect with backers and share the evolution of the kickstarter campaign. Finally, anchoring ourselves in research and successful campaign statistics, we designed the actual Kickstarter page and its content, ranging from copy to pictures and gifs.


Launched at the end of November 2017, results of the campaign have gone beyond all expectations. Featured prominently in the "Projects we love" category on Kickstarter, the campaign was 100% funded during the first 24 hours and over 1100% funded on the last day. Points are now on pre-order on Kickstarter's website.

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