UX Developer


UX Developer
Malmö, Sweden
Starting immediately
Full time

Who You Are

We have a keen interest in technology innovation. We are looking for someone who shares that interest, someone who is a team player and can work across disciplines but is also comfortable in tackling a problem on their own. Someone who might…

  • … Have spent maybe a little bit too much time on getting that animation just right?
  • … Have built a few websites/APIs and understand servers, browsers, and web development?
  • … Have tinkered with micro-computers and created one too many, more or less, meaningful passion projects?

If you feel you can answer yes to any of those questions, great. We also wonder if you feel like you fit any of the following statements:

  • We work a lot with JavaScript, proficiency with NodeJS, web frameworks, and build systems is a plus. But we welcome developers of all languages.
  • You know how to get a Raspberry Pi/Arduino or other micro-computers up and running, and how to make it do things.
  • We use Git. You will too.
  • There is usually UI work to be done, knowledge of one or more web UI frameworks like React, Vue et al. is a plus.

What you will do

Websites, mobile apps, raspberries, marketing strategies, clouds, from terminals to exhibitions, there isn’t much we don’t work with here at Block Zero. Our clients demand extraordinary deliveries and our designers are amazing dreamers. And we are looking for someone to help us shape and fulfill those dreams.

As a developer at Block Zero, you will be working with a small team of designers and developers of different disciplines, building software and/or hardware to prove ideas, prototype concepts or produce applications and cloud platforms. We pride ourselves not only on creative and high-quality design and strategy work but our ability to support that with usable technical realization of those creative designs, showing the possibilities and outcome of the designed strategy, usually with the latest technologies available. You will help break down requirements and build these solutions. That, and you will also hang out and solve problems with a bunch of fabulous and talented people.

What We Offer You

At Block Zero you will get to work with some of the most ambitious and trailblazing clients in the world: the ones who want to change, the ones who want to rethink how they do things and shape the future.

You will also get to collaborate in a closely-knit team, with extremely talented colleagues, and you will work seamlessly over borders with technology, design, hardware, communication, building things, user research and business models.

We have a cosy office right in the centre of Malmö, and a great and open atmosphere, with music, coffee and enough space for all kinds of creative endeavours. We accommodate for remote-working and put the health of our team and social responsibility ahead of all else in these times. We are invested in your wellbeing and offer health benefits, pension and insurance packages, along with social events and a team focused culture, as well as a competitive salary.


We are social! Come by and say hi, drop us a line or follow us on social media to stay up to date on what we are up to.

Visiting Address

Map where the Block Zero office is

Block Zero
Södra Förstadsgatan 1
211 43 Malmö, Sweden

Postal Address

Block Zero AB
Kivra: 559023-9645
106 31 Stockholm