Concept UI-design for Home Appliances

Block Zero were tasked with designing an interactive concept framework for the UI of the Electrolux digital home ecosystem. An ecosystem that would provide consistency and be applicable to a range of products, enabling future developments of appliances.

Through thorough research and by creating real-life scenarios, we created a large framework to support Electrolux's upcoming effort in the smart home space.

Areas of Expertise

  • 3D Design
  • UI Design
  • Concept Design
Overview of states across Electrolux smart home appliances.
Overview of states across Electrolux smart home appliances.
Applied UI.
Guiding pillars for the concept.
Environmental call to action – clean filter in the example of this robot vacuum.

Mood & Behavior

The overarching mood of the framework was honest, smart and engaging. The desired behavior was minimal, natural and seamless.

These ideas guided both the overarching look and feel of the framework, but also the way people interacted with their devices.

Animated wake up state.
Example of how the framework would live in a mobile setting.
Another example of how the framework would live in a mobile setting.


The outcome of the engagement resulted in a rich concept that was targeted towards the internal stakeholders at Electrolux.

After our successful engagement, Electrolux continued the collaboration with Block Zero to distill the framework's core ideas into tangible stories and further explore and illustrate real-life user scenarios.

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