The First Canadian Ev

Block Zero was the official UX Design Partner of the Project Arrow, the initiative to create the first Canadian zero-emission car. We designed and developed the user experience and interface of the dashboard that was used as a storytelling tool showcasing the cutting-edge technologies present in the car.

Areas of Expertise

  • 3D Design
  • Narrative Concept
  • Software Development
  • UI Design

The Narrative Thread

We began the process by crafting a cohesive narrative focused on state-of-the-art technologies integrated into the vehicle. This narrative revolved around a user scenario, depicting a persona engaging with the car in different situations using various features. Divided into chapters, each addressing a specific aspect of the vehicle and a corresponding use case, the narrative guided our design process and informed the design of the dashboard’s interface.

Narrative framework for the development of the story and the subsequent UI screens

Dashboard Storytelling: design & development

We took advantage of the number of screens to provide a dual experience within the car. A “driving mode” for the driver, with a functional UI including the dials gauges, AC, radio controls and other expected car features. A “stationary mode” for the passenger, unfolding the narrative and its different chapters. Development was done using Android and Web Technologies and includes not only the whole user interface but also support for backend and hardware to ensure the system operates seamlessly.

The Arrow EV Concept has been unveiled at CES in Las Vegas in 2023 and is still touring worldwide.


We designed and developed the visual language, interfaces and the user experience of the vehicle, represented in an array of three screens – the dashboard, the center console and a corresponding screen on the passenger side, working coherently together to provide a unified and seamless experience for both the driver and passenger.

Phase 2.0 of Project Arrow is currently being planned and Block Zero is looking forward to continuing to design and develop a singular experience for Project Arrow as this groundbreaking vehicle moves towards mass production.

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