Brand Identity for Research Community

The information analysis start-up, Parsd, approached Block Zero right before seeking their first round of investments in 2022. We helped them determine a fresh new name and a complete brand identity.

Areas of Expertise

  • Branding
  • Positioning
  • Graphic Design
  • Communication


When we met with Parsd, they went by a different name. However, they were searching for a new name that better embodied what they did and stood for. Through multiple collaborative workshops and creative exercises, we narrowed down the options to just one, Parsd. It felt natural as the users of the platform would parse data.

With the name decided, we worked on the brand identity, starting with logo creation. The logo visualizes the journey a user undertakes as they parse their data within the platform. The two rounded rectangles represent the "p" and the "d" of the company name – the start and finish, and the overlap in the middle represents the insights gained.

Supporting Elements

Building on the logo, we created a visual system utilizing the rounded squares in the logo. These “blocks” are almost always seen in multiples, enforcing the idea of community, which is a central part of the Parsd platform.

The blocks act as informative support to images and text. They illustrate and emphasize ideas and concepts within and around the brand.


Parsd primary typefaces are Manrope and Qualy. Manrope is a modern semi-condensed and semi-rounded sans serif typeface. It works very well for large amount of texts as it has high legibility. It supports a wide range of languages and comes in multiple weights.

The Parsd logotype utilizes Qualy, and is additionally used for headlines. It's a geometric and bold font that adds a sense of edge and life to the brand.


The result of our engagement with Parsd was a new company name, a full set of brand and communication guidelines, key communication material, as well as the outline of a new website. Following the initial engagement relating to the brand we supported the development of Parsd's new website as well as starting off the beta testing efforts of the platform.

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