Exploration Tool for ectocloud™

Block Zero collaborated with E.ON to craft and develop a demonstration tool that explains how the innovative digital energy management solution, ectocloud™, functions for diverse audiences.

Areas of Expertise

  • UX/UI Design
  • 3D Motion Design
  • Web Development
ectotable™ Concept

The Ask

ectocloud™ is a digital platform that operates ectogrid™ — a revolutionary heating and cooling energy solution developed by E.ON. Having previously collaborated with the ectogrid™ team on communication strategy and an interactive table, this time Block Zero was assigned to create a demo tool to support them in presenting the ectocloud™ solution.

Narrative structure with a story flow selected for non-technical audiences

At first, we developed a narrative demonstrating how ectocloud™ addresses energy challenges within a city, presenting six various scenarios.

The Storytelling Concept

To make ectocloud™ easy to understand in an engaging way, we developed a storytelling concept where the tool was solving energy challenges of a city in six chapters. Each chapter of that story presented a unique challenge, such as weather fluctuations or varying thermal needs of buildings, and showed how ectocloud™ intelligently resolved these issues. For tech-savvy audiences, each chapter also featured a separate “How it Works” section that explained the technology behind the platform.

Animated 3D scenes illustrate challenges and how ectocloud™ solves them

UX/UI Design & Development

We wanted the demo to be flexible to allow users to choose their own path in exploring ectocloud™, navigating between challenges non-linearly and bypassing the technical details when needed.

To support this interaction in a seamless way, we created a separate interface overlay on top of the animated 3D space that acted as a shortcut to the different chapters.

“How it works” section explains the technology behind ectocloud™


The demo can be used to show how ectocloud™ works, what are the distinctive features and what is the technology behind, in an engaging way for various target groups.

To support E.ON's team in presenting the platform, we also designed a user manual explaining how to use the demo and the script to be used in presentations.

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