Crafting the Storytelling for ectogrid™

Block Zero was tasked with creating a holistic multi-channel communication strategy for a revolutionary energy solution, ectogrid™, and providing tangible materials to effectively deliver on that strategy.

Areas of Expertise

  • Narrative Process™
  • Visual Design
  • Communication Guidelines
  • Print Design


As long-term partners, Block Zero and ectogrid™ team at E.ON collaborated on multiple occasions. In 2015 we delivered ectotable™ – an interactive communication platform that showcased how the innovation works. The goal for the current engagement was to extend previously delivered narrative into a comprehensive communication strategy.

Narrative tool guidelines

Narrative Process™

At the core of communication strategy was the narrative tool – a versatile framework designed to organize the storyline about ectogrid™ into modular chapters. These chapters could then be utilized in different combinations, tailored to specific target audiences and communication materials.

Information flyer
Landing page concept

The Narrative Tool became a foundation for all further materials, spanning from a landing page and sales pitches to outdoor campaigns.

Slide from the sales deck

Narrative Guidelines

To sustain the communication strategy beyond the project completion, we provided E.ON team with a manual outlining the storyline and explaining how to use the framework.

Narrative tool guidelines


As a result, we successfully delivered a foundational narrative that found its way into various communication materials.

The success of this project sparked the interest of the ectocloud™ team, the solution powering ectogrid™. Block Zero was asked to collaborate on an interactive communication platform for ectocloud demo™, which not only showcased the solution but also solidified the ongoing partnership between our teams.

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